Quality Services

If you are looking to add an extension or alter your home or property and don't know where to start, we offer a unique service which starts with a free, no obligation consultation followed by, we hope, a successful outcome.
We appreciate that some people will have already had plans drawn up and we are happy to work from these too. Moreover, we would be very surprised if we couldn't think of some improvements. We are very good at thinking!

We offer a range of joinery services. We have qualified joiners in our core team. We have managed all sorts of joinery project and would be happy to show examples of our work.
Many of our projects have started with a simple desire to make better use of living space. On some occasions this has resulted in an extension, and on others, after thorough discussions with the clients, merely a rejig. We are very good at seeing solutions that no one else does!

We always encourage our clients to consider their outside living options when we are enganged as it is sucha key part to a successful project. We have now completed many exterior projects from small patios areas to redeisgn of very large formal gardens.

We have experience installing the infrastructure required for a range of biomass systems. We are accredited to work with several of the market leading burners.
We offer QS services on short term contracts, long term contracts or on a per job basis.